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Mrs. Hoyt, 1st grade teacher at Verner

"What I love most about Verner is that above all, we want what's best for our students. We want to provide them with rich instruction, unique experiences, and valuable learning opportunities. We value the whole child, and we strive daily to be excellent on purpose for our students. We are a collaborative team of educators who push and encourage one another to uplift and uphold our faculty, staff, community, and students to high expectations. We believe that each child has the ability to succeed, and we are determined to lead them in doing so."

Mrs. Pilsch, Secretary at Verner

"I have been at Verner for 36 years and we are a family that takes care of each other. I enjoy working with smart, well rounded teachers that enrich the lives of children each day."

Mrs. Turner, 5th Grade Teacher at Verner

"On October 31st my 5th-grade classes dressed as mad scientists. We made Mountain Dew glow and inflated balloons with candy and soda. We hypothesized about the density of candy bars and then tested if they sank or floated.  We made predictions about the number of seeds a pumpkin held and then cut it open to find out. Finally, we mixed various substances and observed a chemical reaction within our pumpkin. It was such a fun day and one that I look forward to every year!"

Kinsley Williams, 2nd grader at Verner

"They are always kind to people here, and the kids are respectful to the teachers. The principal here is so nice." 

Annabella Hettmann, 2nd grader at Verner

"I like my friends because they are nice, and that Verner is a good school. People are really kind to each other here." 

Sam Balducci, 1st grader at Verner

"They teach you a lot of stuff at Verner, like reading. I love reading. It's one of the things I don't know much about, and one of the things I like learning to do."

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