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principal standing with microphone in gym dismissing students by their club

Clubs at Verner took place over four Fridays during the month of April and May. Verner students participated in a club of their choice. Students were able to select their club from a variety of options such as "Speedy Sprinters", "Spanish Club", "Picasso Pals", "Friendship Bracelets" and more! Community members and parent volunteers helped lead clubs as well as the Verner teachers.

large group of children in gym waiting to be dismissed to clubs

Verner students waiting to be dismissed to their club.

Students standing outside

Outdoor Adventure club

children sitting at a lunch table eating fruit kabobs

Cooking Creators club

children sitting in the gym
teacher with a sock puppet


teacher holding a sign saying Spanish club


seven students in a huddle talking outside on the green field

Coach Cameron, Coach Leftwich, and Coach Foshee are our amazing PE coaches! The fourth and fifth grade students have competed and strategized for weeks to get to the Sport Ed Championship! 

Coach Cameron says:

"The Sport Ed Model has 7 Characteristics:

-Sports education involves seasons rather than units

-Students quickly become members of teams

-The schedule for competition is formal

-There is a major accumulating event

-The sport is recognized, and the stats are recorded

-Entertainment is included to provide excitement,

meaning and social interaction.

-Students become involved.

We start each unit with a rules introduction and a test on the rules. Once we've learned the rules and have been assessed, the coaches do team selection based on skill level so that teams are as even as possible. Then we allow for a couple of practice days before starting the season. During the season, 8/10 teams per day compete in the current sport while the remaining 2/10 teams officiate the games. We play through a set season while daily assessing team points. Teams are scored as followed: 3 for a win, 3 for sportsmanship (as determined by 3 target behaviors), 2 for a tie, and 2 for officiating. The teams that have acquired the most points throughout the season are rewarded with a bye to the second round of the playoffs. Then we play through the bracket until the remaining 2 teams are there then we have a culminating event."


Please follow this link to watch the "Razzle Dazzle Sport Ed Championship!"


Ms. Loft is "Everyday Amazing!"
Mallory Cook

Ms. Loft, a 1st grade teacher at Verner Elementary School, was recently the recipient of of some kind words from a colleague.

"Lee makes a difference everyday in the lives of students and her coworkers. Lee is dependable and goes the extra mile everyday. I can always count on Lee to help out in grade level meetings, spend extra time working one-on-one with intervention students, or volunteering extra time after school to better the Verner community. Lee is excellent on purpose and I am thankful to work with her!" - Emily Limbaugh

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Dr. Amy Elam recognized for being "Everyday Amazing"
Mallory Cook

Dr. Amy Elam, of Verner Elementary School, was recently recognized for her leadership from a fellow colleague.

"I don't think our principal receives enough recognition for how everyday amazing she is! As a teacher, it's incredible to be supported both professionally and personally the way Dr. Elam supports us. Administration sets the tone for the building and Verner's atmosphere is always positive because she is diligent about keeping it that way each and every day. She sets high expectations of us and believes in our ability to push our students to their highest potential as individuals. I'm blessed to work for her and my husband and I are so grateful she leads our child's school, as well." - submitted by Chelsea Allen

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